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FC1802WSH FLY Network Transformer

$2.40 $2.50

Manufacturer FLY
Mfr. Part: FC1802WSH
Package: Tape & Reel (TR)

FC1802WSH,Description:Network Transformer, Manufacturer: FLY, MOQ: 1PCS, Lead Time: 1-3days, New & Original,FTIC is the global sales platform.

1990 in stock

Mainly used for signal level coupling. One, you can enhance the signal, so that its transmission distance is farther; Second, so that the chip end of the isolation from the outside, anti-jamming ability is greatly enhanced, and the chip adds a great deal of protection (such as lightning strikes); Third, when connected to a different level (such as some PHY chip is 2.5V, some PHY chip is 3.3V) of the network port, will not have an impact on each other’s equipment.

RoHS:ROHS3 Compliant
Operating temperature:-40℃~+80℃
Supply Voltage:1V~9.5V

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